Water tanks are an essential part of modern living. Winter has just ended, and if you had a water tank installed, you could easily have collected enough free rainwater to last the next few months. Rainwater has no chemical contaminants, making it safer for plants and cars, though you might not want to drink it without sterilising it first.

When you order a tank from SWT, you get lots of benefits. Our tanks are easy to install and need minimal maintenance. We place our tanks underground, so they can sit in the yard, below your patio, or even under your driveway. This saves yard space and maintains the aesthetics of your grounds since there’s no visible tank or piping.

All our tanks are made from concrete reinforced with 40 mpa steel. We cast them using a single-pour wet mould method, and there are no joints between the floor and walls of the tanks. This reduces the chances of leakage. The containers come with a watertight sealed lid that is bolted down with stainless steel rivets. The steel adds strength and prevents corrosion.

Installing underground concrete tanks is quite simple. Some manufacturers prefer to lay the concrete onsite so that the tank dries on your property, but our approach is different. While we do engineer each tank to your specific requirements and landscape, we assemble our tanks on our premises then deliver them to your home with a crane truck.

Our manufacturing process is a one-pour system, so we install inlets, outlets, accessories and lids before the tank leaves our site. We deliver a complete tank to you, with its quiet pump and rain switch. You’ll need a plumber or electrician to connect the rain switch to your internal plumbing, but it’s designed in a way that is easy for them to insert.

While the tank will be delivered to you in a state that is ready to use, you may need to do some prepping. Check in with your local authorities to see if they have any regulations regarding underwater tanks. We offer tanks in sizes ranging from 3,800 litres to 11,500 litres, so we can accommodate any capacity limits that may apply to your neighbourhood.

Your municipality will confirm whether there are any sewer lines, power cables, communication wires, or any other form of infrastructure that might restrict the location of your tank. Underground concrete tank installations involve digging a hole for the tank, so you’ll need to plan for the disposal of any cleared bushes, excavated soil, or unearthed stone.

Our cranes will bring the tank to you, as well as all the accessories, and we’ve purposely made it easy for your plumber. The pump is set up in such a way that it remains underwater throughout and hardly makes any noise. The lid has a see-through screen for ease of tank maintenance and is strong enough to be safe beneath your parked car.

Our tanks will sit flush against the ground, so you don’t need a concrete slab. Just dig the hole, lay the tank, and cover it up. The rain switch will let you know the water levels and automatically change your supply from rainwater to municipal water whenever necessary.

For advice on concrete tanks, storm drains, and water troughs, call us Sydney Water Tanks today on 1800 041 111.

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