There are so many different modifications that you can make around your home. Renovate the kitchen, add a back deck, paint the exterior of your home, and yes, install a water tank. The popularity of water tanks in residential homes around the country is picking up. More and more people are getting on board with having their very own source of water at home. Even if you’ve never thought about underground water tanks before, have you ever thought of the following things?


You’d like to be more self-sufficient

Many of us have the dream one day of being completely self-sufficient, living a life off the grid. Going back to a way of life where you could provide for everything yourself. Your veggie patch, maybe some chickens, either a power wall or just a whole lot of solar panels, getting off the mains, man. While the entire deal might be a bit hard to achieve at once, there are small steps that you can take along the way that’ll help you to be (eventually) capable of being completely self-sufficient.


You think the cost of your water bills is too high

Every year, the same thing. Bills, bills, bills, and they keep rising. While many people are complaining about the cost of their internet bills (for slower than third world speeds), or their electricity bills (because they’re getting pretty ludicrous if we’re honest), how is your water bill going? Have you looked at the comparison panels? Are you chewing through way more water than you used to for some reason? Or perhaps you think that maybe the cost of the bills has simply risen too high to warrant your usage? These are clear signs that an inground water tank is a good home solution for you.


You want to do your bit for the environment

Many people who once didn’t give the environment a second thought are now sitting up and paying attention. We’re seeing plastic bags disappear from our supermarkets (thankfully), people interested in doing their bit to try and rectify global warming, governments making promises about carbon emissions dating out to many decades from now, and hey – everyone’s recycling. It’s easy to start doing your little bit for the environment all from the comfort of your own home. Try out composting, greywater solutions, choosing cleaning products that are safe for the environment and install an underground water tank in your backyard to collect the rainwater.

Sydney Water Tanks can help you with all your residential water tank needs. We can come and assess whether you’ll be able to install your very own water tank in your yard, and then set it all up and instruct you on usage. Contact us for more info!