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Sydney Water Tanks is a leading manufacturer and supplier of underground concrete rainwater tanks and concrete pits. Sydney Water Tanks is proudly Australian-owned and part of The Martins Group, a family run business with the Directors of the company having over 25 years experience in providing quality wastewater treatment and water storage systems to Australian households.

Rainwater tanks from Sydney Water Tanks are built from long-lasting, extra strong steel fibre reinforced concrete. With a 30 year structural guarantee, a water tank from Sydney Water Tanks efficiently provides a quality supply of rainwater to your toilets and outdoor taps.

Our rainwater tanks are installed underground, either in your backyard or under your patio or driveway, giving you more yard space for your recreation and leaving no unsightly tank in view. With installation individually engineered for your site, a Sydney Water Tank ensures effortless and efficient storage and maximum rainwater collection for use in your home. Maximum efficiency is assured with the use of a Sydney Water Tanks’ Rain Switch. The Rain Switch automatically switches to the use of harvested rainwater when available; making sure your household takes full advantage of this free water supply.

Water Tanks ManufacturerAt Sydney Water Tanks our experienced team is ready to provide you with an underground Concrete water tank to suit your needs. We provide service and delivery of water tanks and stormwater pits in NSW and the ACT, including Sydney and Canberra. With a variety of concrete water tanks for sale we can provide a water tank that best suits your home and budget.

For a reliable source of rainwater for your home that takes no space in your yard make Sydney Water Tanks your choice. 


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