30-year Structural Guarantee

When you purchase anything – from cars to inground water tanks, there is no way of *knowing* if a problem or issue is going to arise. Of course, your risks can be minimised, such as when you choose a reliable water tank company, and you know there is a good warranty in place. Warranties offer you peace of mind.

Warranties are perfect for consumers because they give that peace of mind, but occasionally warranties also give buyers a false sense of security. As a consumer the best thing you can do is always buy a reliable product from a reputable company – when it comes to in ground water tanks – don’t cut corners.

Always buy your quality water tanks from a well-known, reliable and reputable team. Sydney Water Tanks has 25 years’ experience in the industry, and we stand behind and guarantee every inground water tank we sell. You know they will be around to honour the 30-year structural guarantee that comes with every water tank sold.

When it comes to purchasing a water tank your warranty will contain the finer details of what is covered and what isn’t, so always read your warranty carefully and pay attention, especially if you are installing the water tank yourself to ensure your warranty is not voided. Always ensure you maintain your water tank according to all instructions or warranties.

In some cases – depending on the company you may find that there is a separate warranty for tank accessories and pumps. Every manufacturer will have their warranty, so take the time and read and KNOW, exactly what your warranty does and doesn’t cover, and always get that warranty in writing.

Concrete tanks from Sydney Water Tanks come with a 30-year structural integrity guarantee for your own peace of mind.

Tanks that are installed above ground are exposed to the elements – wind, rain, the sun and hail which can lead to fatigue. Sydney Water Tanks are strong and safe coming with three lockable stainless bolt covers and a wide 600mm clear opening for maintenance and access. Tank covers are lightweight, and the different height turrets mean the inlet depth is varied, this allows the tank to be placed in an area suitable for light traffic.

To ensure the maximum fall of the tank we calculate not only the best depth, but the best location this means every drop of rainwater is harvested and helps prevent any sediment building up in the pipes. Thanks to a unique range of benefits and features your safety and ease of use is at the forefront when it comes to the design, manufacturing and installation of your inground water tank.

Buy with confidence and be secure in the knowledge that the structural integrity of your water tank is being looked after for many, MANY years to come.

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