To ensure that your tank works most efficiently once installed, there are a few guidelines that should be adhered to in the process. Correct installation will ensure that your Sydney Water Tank will give you long lasting service and mean less likely hood of maintenance issues in the future. Below are guidelines on the dos and don’ts of installing your Sydney Water Tank correctly.

Excavating the tank hole

Do: Use a suitable machine such as a backhoe or excavator to dig the tank hole

Don’t: Arrange to have the stormwater drainage excavation done by an inexperienced drainer – expensive mistakes can be made by those who do not have the appropriate experience

Do: Make sure that the plumber/drainers arranges excavation as part of their work to install the stormwater drainage system

Do: Ensure that the base of the dug hole is prepared by spreading a 75mm layer of sand or blue metal to form a firm foundation for the tank

Truck access

Don’t: Have anything in the way of the truck’s path

Do: Have clear access to the tank hole – allow space for a 10-metre long, eight-wheel (four-axle) 27 tonne truck

Don’t: Keep stockpiles of excavated material around the tank hole

Do: Keep a clear area for the crane to be able to extend its stabiliser legs to its complete capacity. If the crane cannot safely reach the tank hole the installer must provide a larger mobile or Franna crane.

Backfilling the excavation

Don’t: Backfill your installed tank with hard rock, large rocks or boulders

Do: Backfill your installed tank with the material excavated from the hole – but only if it is soft

Don’t: Let garden beds sit higher than the turrets of the tank.

Do: Construct garden beds over the tank, yet they need to be finished 50mm below the top of the access turrets

Don’t: Let laid turf sit higher than the than the tank turret

Do: Make sure that the turf on your tank sits flush with the top of the turret and the finished turf is sloping away from turret

By following these tips you will ensure you will be placing your tank in the ideal condition for longevity. Once you have ordered your Sydney Water Tank, before tank delivery you will be provided with our complete installation manual, outlining all necessary information required. For more information please contact Sydney Water Tanks on 1800 041 111 or email