Now that we have entered into a warm spring and about to come into an even hotter summer, it is important to consider how to best create your yard into a self-managing, thriving garden. Included in this, is ensuring that your garden is a water smart garden. Meaning you will spend less time maintaining your garden, save on your water bills and save water and ideally have a garden that looks after itself.

The following will see you through some of the hottest days of our spring and summer.


  • Invest in Australian natives. These types of plants have adapted to the Australian climate, meaning that need little watering and also encourage birds and insects into your garden.
  • Purchase plants that suit your home’s climate. For example if you live in a dry area, purchase plants from around the world that have similar habitats – again they will need little watering.
  • Use mulch to keep moisture in your soil.
  • If you have large trees, plant your garden under here – keeping them out of the sun and in the shade, preventing them from drying out.
  • By grouping similar plants together, you will end up using less water – as you will not be spreading the water all over the garden; where it is not needed.


  • Use water crystals in your garden, they increase the amount of water dispersed to your plants.
  • Invest in rainwater tank for your garden, that way you are using fresh and free water on your garden; saving on your water bill!
  • Using air temperature rainwater is best for your garden as it does not shock your plants.
  • When washing your car, if possible, wash on the lawn, that way the run off goes straight into the earth.
  • Plants don’t need to be watered every day. Minimise water usage by planning your watering times.
  • Water your plants in the afternoon, that way it won’t evaporate and need to be done again

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