A sports ground in Sydney required a customised collection well to suit the existing drainage works that were on site. Our client also needed a solution that would be suitable for pumps that they were supplying for the job.

The client required a 10,000 litre collection well, or what is commonly known as a rainwater tank, to collect surface water collected by the existing drainage. This water is then pumped out of the tank, utilising the pumps supplied by our client.

To suit the existing drainage works on site, our in-house drafting department designed a collection well with a customised turret height and a customised inlet and outlet system. The tank was also designed so it was suitable for the client’s pumps. The team at Sydney Water Tanks worked closely with the client to ensure that their needs were met.

On job sites, there are often existing works that need to be considered and worked around. At Sydney Water Tanks, we can develop customised solutions that suit the individual needs of your job.

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