1. What do I get from your free onsite consultation?

A member of our sales team will contact you directly to organise a suitable time to meet with you at the site of the job.

They will assess your site and discuss what systems would be suitable for you. They will also be able to explain how our tanks and systems work and answer any questions that you have.

If you would like to take the next step after your consultation, they will develop and send you a quote for the tank or system discussed with you.

2. I have my house plans and I need a water tank, now what do I need to do?

By emailing an electronic copy of your house plans, we can help determine the best location and tank model that will best suit your site as well as provide a drainage profile and site plan if they are required by your builder, plumber or local council. Also, one of our team is able to visit your property and advise you further on the best tank model and tank location to satisfy the site requirements.

3. Do you install my water tank or BioSeptic system?

BioSeptic and Sydney Water Tanks are manufacturing and servicing companies and do not prepare sites for installation i.e. excavation, drainage and electrical services. These preparations and services must be carried out by licensed plumbers and electricians. If required, we can assist you with contractors familiar with AWTS and/or water tanks installations.

4. What happens when my water tank gets installed?

We make the installation process simple. We offer comprehensive instructions and technical support to builders, plumbers and electricians at every stage.

  1. Sydney Water Tanks can provide a site plan and drainage profile determining the best tank model and location on the site.
  2. Once plans are approved by the client and Council, the site is excavated according to the drawings and the tank is delivered.
  3. The drainer/plumber installs the tank, mounts the Rain Switch and connects the pipes.
  4. The electrician connects power to the Rain Switch, and the system is ready to be used.

5. What happens when my BioSeptic system gets installed?

  1. The house plumber or supervisor phones the Distribution Manager to arrange a delivery date and time. An Installation Manual is mailed, faxed or emailed to the plumber. This contains excavation instructions and site requirements for the delivery.
  2. If the plumber has not installed a BioSeptic before, he may receive a phone call from the service manager to discuss the installation procedure, if necessary a BioSeptic representative can be onsite to assist with the first delivery.
  3. The complete BioSeptic system is delivered and installed.
  4. Your plumber connects the system to the house.
  5. Your electrician provides a rough in or connection to the system. Wiring diagrams are delivered with every system.

6. How often do I need to get my BioSeptic AWTS serviced?

The NSW Department of Health requires all systems to be serviced by a suitable technician every three months to monitor and maintain its high quality of operation and provide a report to you and your local council. The first year’s servicing by BioSeptic’s technicians is included in the price. At the end of the first year BioSeptic’s service team will automatically provide a service agreement for the next year. BioSeptic’s service technicians are employees, not sub-contractors. This provides a better level of service to ensure your system is maintained to the accreditation performance standard.