If you are, then look no further! We sell high quality stock troughs right here at Sydney Water Tanks and BioSeptic.

High quality stock troughs:

  • Made from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete to ensure strength and durability
  • Are low maintenance and easy to clean with an easy drain channel
  • Concrete keeps the water in the stock troughs cool
  • Each stock trough includes a 4 x 1.3 tonne lifters and a 25mm brass threaded inlet

Stock trough dimensions:

  • 1500L capacity
  • Approximately 1100kgs
  • Width: 1935mm
  • Height: 700mm
  • Thickness: 70mm walls, 80mm base

Contact us 1800 041 111 or 1300 658 111 to find out more about our stock troughs.