If you have very limited space in your back yard, installing a traditional style water tank can be challenging. Under deck water tanks have been designed to fit into those vacant spaces under your decking area, which provides a functional and smart solution to your space issues.

Under deck water tanks work in just the same way as your in-ground water tanks, however because these tanks are under decking access to the top of the tank is restricted, so these tanks come as a sealed unit without an inlet strainer. For this reason, it’s advised that a standard low maintenance leaf filter is installed in an accessible section of your downpipe to stop debris from entering the tank.

Just as with inground water tanks – if you only allow clean water into your tank, you’ll get clean water out.

A 90mm connection is used on the inlet to your tank to ensure a water tight seal, with the overflow working the same way as your standard overflow, with surplus water pipped into the stormwater connection. It’s also recommended that a mosquito strainer is fitted at an accessible point along the overflow pipe for easy cleaning and removal. The outlet of a tank can be connected to your pump, or to additional tanks using a hose and 25mm threaded connectors. Multiple tanks can be linked together provided all the overflow points are on the same level.

Under deck water tanks are a great way to store water in a tank that is out of sight. These low profile under deck water tanks are unique in strength and design because they take the concept of a slimline water tank that you’d have at the side of your house – and turn it on its side.

The benefits of installing an under-deck water tank are –

  • They are made from food grade plastic to the Australian Water Tank Standard.
  • The plastic is UV stabilised, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down.
  • The rainwater tank is completely enclosed so you don’t need to be worried about mosquitos or water quality.
  • Under deck water tanks may be able to connect to more downpipes than traditional above ground water tanks.
  • Under deck water tanks can come in a range of sizes/capacities to allow you to maximise your water storage
  • Multiple tanks can be linked together to increase capacity, they also do not have to be side by side.

Under deck tanks look great – you can’t see them, they don’t take up any space in your yard, just like in-ground water tanks, you wouldn’t know they are there.