The installation of an in-ground water tank begins with it’s creation at the factory. All tanks are individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete, this means there are no joins between the floor and the walls. Thanks to a one-pour casting a water tight seal is ensured to meet the requirements of AS1546.1 a rigorous manufacturing process is in place. All inlets and outlets are cast in the tank for extra strength, the lid is also bonded and sealed in the factory.

For your security and peace of mind all tanks satisfy the Basix requirements for swimming pools, houses and house renovations in New South Wales, with a 30-year structural integrity guarantee in place with every single in-ground water tank sold.

All tanks are manufactured at our facilities in Sydney’s South-West and delivered to locations all across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

One of the biggest disruptions during the actual installation process is the excavation. While it can put some home owners *off* having an in-ground water tank installed the long-term benefits of opting for an in-ground water tank outweigh any negatives.

To settle a water tank in the ground, with no visibility and no chances of *floating* it’s important that a large hole is created. It is also important that the hole is not any bigger than it needs to be in order to maintain the integrity of the earth structure surrounding the installation, as this will in its own way assist with support.

Although the removal of earth is inconvenient, once the water tank is in place and the earth has been replaced, you’ll have a water tank you can’t see, leaving your views uninterrupted. If you have a small yard where space is critical, you don’t want precious space being taken up by a water tank.

Once the hole has been created, the tank is lowered into the hole by a crane, gaps around the tank are backfilled by sand, or metal dust and cement dust. The tank is filled with water to check for stability, pipes etc are fitted in place and the top section of the tank is covered over.

In-ground water tanks are a reliable way to store natural rainwater for your home, without taking up additional space, allowing you to keep your space, but reduce your water bills.

We help you choose the right tank for your needs, with tanks ranging in size from 3,800 litres to 11,500 litres we have the perfect size and capacity for your home. If you need more capacity, we can interconnect tanks to suit your needs. You can use water from tanks you can’t see to wash your car, flush your toilet and water your garden.