Our underground water tanks are, as the name suggests, installed underground which leaves your yard with all the space it had originally, with no unsightly water tank blocking your view. These tanks are strong, built with steel fibre reinforced concrete it means your tank will be watertight and long lasting assuring you of long-term performance.

Our tank manufacturing process is conducted under the Quality Assurance Scheme, this ensures that each and every tank we manufacture complies with the quality requirements of AS1546.1.

When it comes to service, we can’t be beaten, we advise you on the best or most suitable place for your underground water tank and even provide you with FREE site plans ensuring you get easy council approval. We assist you all the way throughout the process from drainage profiles to comprehensive installation information.

For your peace of mind all concrete underground water tanks come with a 30-year structural integrity guarantee. Every tank has a lockable, super strong, yet lightweight access cover for your safety – and that of your visitors.

You can not get a smarter water tank, our Water Mark accredited Rain Switch is cleaver, it automatically sources rainwater from the tank, whenever it’s available. It switches over seamlessly to town water only when your tank levels are low. Once rainwater has refilled the tank the rain switch will automatically switch back to tank water – you don’t have to do a thing. You have an optional display panel as an extra feature – this panel indicates your current water source at any given time.

When you install an underground concrete water tank you could start saving up to 50% off your domestic town water use by safely and easily supplying your outdoor taps and cisterns with rainwater.

House blocks are becoming smaller with water usage regulations becoming tighter, a rainwater tank offers you a way to store rainwater that is reliable and takes up no extra space in your yard. You can maximise your garden space, while reducing your water bills.

All our tanks –

  • Are individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete so there are no joins between the floor and wall.
  • By using a one pour casting a water tight seal is ensured and a rigorous manufacturing process that meets the requirements of AS1546.1.
  • Our rain water tanks satisfy Basix requirements for homes, home renovations and swimming pools in New South Wales.
  • For your peace of mind, we provide you with a 30-year structural integrity guarantee.
  • For added strength all outlets and inlets are cast in the tank, with the lid bonded and sealed in the factory.
  • All underground water tanks are manufactured at our facilities in Sydney’s south-west and delivered by our crane trucks anywhere in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

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