The location you choose for your home is driven by a variety of factors. Some people hate commuting, so they want to live close to where they work. Others want good schools for their kids, or access to their favourite social spots and pass-times. When you’re buying, you may be dictated by your pocket. In certain areas, you’ll get ‘more house for your buck’ though these regions are usually further away from urban areas.

Either way, your square footage is directly connected to your buying price, and available space affects the layout of your residence. Realtors and urban buyers mostly focus on the space inside the house itself. They’ll ask about the number of bedrooms and the size of each one. Some owners would rather have a large kitchen while others will swear by their master en-suite. But it’s the external layout that really makes an impact.


Style, position, size

Do you have kids or pets that require yard space? Do you have a swimming pool, or do you plan to install one later? What about modular playsets or home gyms? Do you need a shed, a fountain, or bird bath? And how many cars do you have? These are all tricky decisions, and they’re things to keep in mind before you sign that cheque or initial that lease. Remember, the wettest places in Australia only get 600mm of rainfall every year, so your water tank is probably a survival tool.

As you try to picture how your vehicles will fit in the carport, mentally situate your water tank as well. And if the math doesn’t add up, consider underground water tank installation. It offers multiple benefits. In-ground tanks are specifically built for their designated position, and here at Sydney Water Tanks, we customise underground water storage of up to 11,500 litres. If you need more capacity, we can link tanks to each other using steel RHS, and we can keep the entire set-up out of sight, safely below your property’s surface.


Stability and strength

Our tanks can withstand massive amounts of surface weight, so you can park a car directly on top of the tank (or more to the point, you can install your tank beneath your driveway). We can even position it under a swimming pool where it can be used for refills and double up as a storm-water detention tank. This is important during seasons of heavy rain. Installing in-ground water tanks doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you call in the experts. We can handle the entire installation process, from excavation to positioning.

We like to start with a (free) site visit so we can guide you in the best place for your tank(s). We’ll also advise you on additional factors to consider, like plumbing, pumps, pressure gauges, meters, and underground tank maintenance. All our tanks come with a 30-year guarantee, and we pour or pre-assemble your tank using steel reinforced concrete. We can also lay gutters, filters, and downpipes as needed, maximising your rainwater harvest.

For high-quality water tanks that don’t interfere with your spacing issues, call Sydney Water Tanks today on 1800 041 111.

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