Stormwater is the water that runs off our roofs, driveways and other large surface areas when it rains. This can add up to quite a lot of water, and, this water can be damaging if it isn’t contained and/or diverted. This is what stormwater pits and drains have been designed to do. A stormwater pit is a storage container for stormwater. While it’s not designed to hold water – like an inground water tank, it needs to be large enough to contain the water pouring into it, just long enough to allow it to pass through drainage pipes, at a rate that it can keep up with the water.

As with an inground water tank, there is a lot more to installing a stormwater pit than just digging a hole. In order to install a stormwater pit that will work efficiently it needs to be the right size and needs a filtration system to stop the drain from becoming clogged.

Concrete stormwater pits are too heavy for D.I.Y installation, but before having one installed check with your local council. In most parts of Australia concrete storm water pits must be installed by licensed professionals. There is a good reason why stormwater pits need to be installed by professionals – if the wrong type or style of pit is installed for your location and climate, the pit won’t be able to do its job. You don’t want the stormwater pit undermining your foundations or diverted to an area where is damages another part of your property – or that of your neighbours.

Our pits are made using The Martin’s Group manufacturing expertise. All our concrete products are manufactured at our own purpose-built precast concrete factory in Smeaton Grange. We have a wide range of engineer designed concrete pits and grates that are suitable for a wide range of applications including electrical and sewer, stormwater, inspection and junction. Riser rings are also available in a range of sizes suitable for all our pits, we can interpret your hydraulic drawings and pre-cast inlets and outlets for detention control pits. All detention control pits will arrive onsite ready to connect.

We provide Quality, Safety and choice –

  • Each pit has two swift lift type lifters
  • Pits are wet cast using steel fibre reinforced 40mpa concrete to prevent shattering when knocking out holes.
  • Hot dipped galvanised grates have been tested to the requirements of AS3996.2006
  • Steel fibre reinforcing is engineered to ensure durability and strength
  • Knockouts on all sides.
  • Steel bar safety cage
  • Smooth concrete finishes inside and out. No missing chunks, sharp edges or protruding fibres.
  • Manufactured to the highest quality protocols
  • Risers available
  • Delivery and unloading onsite by our crane trucks if required
  • Optional precast inlets and outlets to suit your engineers’ requirements

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