When it comes to inground water tanks, you need to look at the features and benefits each tank offers. At Sydney Water Tanks we stock a range of inground water tanks that not only offer a wide range of features and benefits but also safety. The process from design to manufacturing to installation is simple, once installed these water tanks are incredibly easy to use.

Our access covers are secure and sealed with safety in the forefront of our design and installation process; the lockable covers have three stainless steel bolts and a large 600mm clear opening for easy access and ongoing maintenance. All our inground water tank covers have a watertight seal and are super lightweight at just 9.5kilos, with a load test of 1.5 tonnes. Thanks to different height turrets and inlet depths that create the fall to the tank they are perfect for any light traffic areas.

Our variable height turret will save you money. We find the best spot for your tank to ensure every drop of harvestable rain enters your tank; you eliminate sediment build up in the pipes and get maximum rainwater storage.

No one wants an eye-sore in the backyard, our inground water tanks mean out of sight – out of mind, with a water tank buried flush with the ground it means it can be placed below gardens and even driveways. No unsightly water tank taking up space in your yard.

Avoid the problems of contaminated backflow with an overflow flap valve, fitted to the tank overflow the full flow flap valve stops backflow and vermin entering your tank, while not restricting the overflow.

Silent – the stainless-steel submersible pump is quiet and efficient. Our pump is designed to operate efficiently, and it works quietly from inside your tank giving you a constant supply of rainwater to the rain switch.

Wet cast individually from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete and manufactured to meet the requirements of AS1546.1 extra strength water tanks are guaranteed.

A 1mm steel mesh mosquito proof leaf filter means only clean water enters your tank and nothing else, ensuring you have clean water at all times.

Your tank won’t float with our 10,000L tank we use retention concrete to ensure your tank won’t float – saving you time and money.

Our intelligent Rain Switch system will detect automatically when there is water in the tank available for use and will seamlessly switch your selected outlets to tank water without you having to do a thing.

As an optional extra, you can choose the cleaner first roof catchment with the first flush, which catches the first 170L of water from the roof catchment, diverting it BEFORE it enters the rainwater tank, which will keep your water tank cleaner.