When it comes to rain tanks, we are some of the best in the business, supplying NSW residences and commercial properties with intelligent water supply systems that help our country be more environmentally friendly, and help our customers save plenty off their water bills. One of the features of our underground water tanks that helps us to achieve the best in tank design is our rain switch.

So what on Earth is the rain switch?

The rain switch is the little switch that is installed as part of your water tank setup that will automatically choose the rainwater tank for delivering water to various outlets at your home, such as the toilet cistern, the outdoor garden taps, or the laundry sink taps. This way you are automatically using recycled water for these outlets.

Instead of having to flip a switch yourself when you find you’ve run out of rainwater in the tank, the switch flips over to using the town water supply automatically – you don’t have to lift a finger, it does it all for you.

Even more intuitive is the way that it flips back over to your rainwater supply when there is enough water gathered in the tank again – so you can keep saving money instead of having to remember to switch it back to the tank after having so rains.

It’s also all there in front of you-you can tell whether the source for your water supply is from your tank or your mains, leaving no uncertainty about what is going on with your system. This is displayed in your main display panel for the system. This display system can be put pretty much anywhere in the home for the most convenient read out to keep an eye on things.

The rain switch itself is contained within a cabinet specifically for switching purposes, and it is made out of water-resistant stainless steel. The cabinet itself comes with straightforward mounting points to hook up to both the water and the electricity, so it is popular with plumbers and electricians because they are able to do their job as smoothly as possible.

The rain switch is available with all our underground rain tank systems, and can also be retrofitted to many other rainwater tank setups. If you are interested in learning more about the rain switch or any other of our clever features that we use in our systems, then don’t be afraid to ask. Chat to us today at Sydney Water Tanks to find out more about our impressive systems and ways in which you can save money around the home as well as do your bit in helping out with the environment.

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