The Benefits to Installing Precast Concrete Stormwater Drainage Pits on Your Sydney Property

Have you ever seen this situation? A business erects a new structure and moves into its new location, adding a beautiful, pristine new car park to go along with the building. It looks excellent, and then it rains — and suddenly the car park is a moat instead. It seems someone forgot to think about drainage. Providing a way for stormwater to drain from your property requires planning and forethought. You may not need to deal with a significant volume of water, but you still want to avoid any standing pools on your property whenever possible. Sydney Water Tanks offers the ideal solution for this scenario. With concrete stormwater pits, Sydney property owners can ensure that water drains away during and after a heavy downpour.

Delivering high quality precast concrete pits to Sydney for 30 years now, Sydney Water Tanks can create the right solution for your property. These durable structures can stand up to the test of time and come covered by an extensive warranty. That is because we are confident in the quality of the concrete pits we cast for Sydney customers regularly. Our solutions for stormwater drainage include creating and installing these precast pits wherever necessary or requested on your property.

Concrete drainage pits are ideal for Sydney properties

An important factor when choosing precast concrete pits for your location is their method of construction. It is, of course, natural to want assurance that the pits can stand up to the elements and resist damage over time. Similarly, they should feature durable safety features to ensure that only water enters the pit. Sydney Water Tanks takes care of all these concerns with the care we place in construction.

Each concrete pit begins as a wet cast; wherein we pour wet steel fibre concrete into a mould. This creates a smooth finish, and the mould features knockout panels for fitting discharge piping onto the pit. Finally, we add a hot dipped and galvanised grate to the top. This durable metal offers long term, long lasting protection for the open portion of the drainage pits, allowing stormwater to enter freely. We then excavate and install the pits on site. We focus the entire process on creating and delivering a superior quality end product that our customers can trust.

Contact our team for experienced project insight

Don’t let drainage become a troublesome problem on your property. With the installation of concrete drainage pits from Sydney Water Tanks, your location will be able to handle even a high volume of rain. From the highly controlled process we use to cast our concrete pits to the long-term after sale support we offer to our customers, Sydney Water Tanks represents an experienced choice for the job. If you would like to discuss more about these pits or receive a quote for installing them, please get in touch with a member of our team for details. Call on 1800 041 111 or navigate to our “Contact Us” page for email details.