Unfortunately, the climate we live in here in Australia means we are prone to water shortages and droughts, being prepared for these events should be considered as a main priority. While those living in country areas are most at risk, those who are living in the cities are not out of danger. Water shortages can affect everyone.

Concrete inground water tanks can be buried deep underground to provide an instant solution for the age-old problem of water collection. Inground concrete water tanks are safe, environmentally friendly and easy to look after. They are one of the best ways to insure against water shortages.

Underground water tanks are NOT a temporary structure, the job of installing them is quite complicated and should only be done by those who are qualified. While choosing a concrete inground water tank isn’t a cheap option, in the long term it’s a great investment, it can add value to your property and it won’t need to be replaced as quickly as some of the cheaper plastic models.

Concrete is a very strong material and opens up a number of options for the home owner, allowing even small plots of land the benefits of having a large underground water supply.

Water really is a very precious commodity, so it’s important to make provisions to ensure your home has a back up supply of water in the event of a shortage. If you live in the country and you don’t have access to a mains water supply, water tanks are the best way for storing water for when you need it, and underground is a much better option than above ground.

Inground water tanks give you the option or transporting water and storing it, or collecting water when it rains, or a combination of both. Concrete water tanks can be built much larger and with no risks of spills or leaks you can store more water for when you need it which offers you real peace of mind.

A water tank is a way of supplementing your water supply so it’s available to you *on tap*, it’s environmentally friendly way of ensuring you have water when you need it – and without restrictions. Of course, being able to use your own water isn’t just great for the environment – it’s great for your hip pocket, free rainwater, reducing the amount of mains water you use means lower quarterly water bills.

An inground water tank offers you water that’s there waiting for you, whenever you need it. Inground water tanks also help improve safety. With increasing high temperatures and the threat of bushfires homes that have inground water tanks have a reserve that can be used to help get fires under control if and when the need arises.


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