Collecting rainwater in an underground tank is one of the best methods to help protect national water resources. Harvesting rainwater from roofs to store it for later use such as irrigation, watering livestock, laundry or toilet flushing is an innovative technique. If a purification system is installed then rainwater can also be used for showering, in the kitchen and even for consumption use. Therefore, it is unnecessary to use mains water for another purpose than drinking and cooking when rainwater is available.


Due to the dry climate and little rainfall during the summer months, Australia is prone to droughts.


The demand for water increases with the population, and when water shortages begin to occur during the hot summer months, local water supplies experience quite a burden. An interruption in the water supply can lead to depleted gardens and even worse, the death of livestock and wild animals. To protect our groundwater supply and cut down on unnecessary usage drastically, the easiest way is by installing a rainwater tank on your residential property to store large volumes for later use.


Not only has water supply has shrunk over the years, but so has the size of backyards in many properties in larger cities. At Sydney Water Tanks we have created the solution for urban house blocks where yard space is limited and specialised in manufacturing concrete rainwater tanks, which can be installed underground, leaving you with more outdoor space saving you more room to entertain. Being able to provide large water storage room in the ground is something a lot of urban homeowners have welcomed over the past years especially by those who do not only want to cut down on water bills but lead a sustainable life. By installing your water tank in-ground, you do not have to sacrifice the already limited capacity on your property but can still build a deck, patio or pergola without giving up space. Our in-ground water tanks ensure efficient storage and maximum rainwater collection for multiple uses. To ensure your household benefits from harvested rainwater to its fullest potential, our tanks come with a Rain Switch that automatically makes use of the collected water when available.


If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of rainwater collection, contact Sydney Water Tanks directly and find out about our innovative underground water tanks and their maintenance. We will help you to find the right storage tank with a volume that is best suited for your home and personal requirements and walk you through the process of underground installation.


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