Why Install a Underground Water Tank

Install a Concrete water tank in your home means that you will have an additional water source to use in your home and garden. A rainwater tank is an environmentally friendly solution that allows you to harvest rainwater to keep your garden green and growing. A rainwater tank requires minimal maintenance and is easy to use.

With a Sydney Water Tank, you could start saving around 50% of your domestic town water use by safely and easily supplying your toilet cisterns and outdoor taps with rainwater.

Also, in areas where bushfires are a threat to homes, an underground concrete rainwater tanks will not be damaged in the event of a fire. Tanks can be designed to combine both retention and detention so it can be used as an additional water source to help fight the fire and protect your home.

Do you want to install a concrete water tank in your yard? Sydney Water Tanks provide underground concrete water tank installation service in NSW and ACT. Call us 1800 041 111 to get more information about our underground water tank installation service.