How our complete water system works

complete water system


Rainwater is collected from the roof and flows to the concrete water tank through the downpipes. It enters the tank via the turret, which is fitted with a super strong, lockable access cover.

The stainless steel high pressure pump works quietly and efficiently inside the tank, delivering clean rainwater to selected outlets via the Rain Switch. Sydney Water Tanks’ very clever Rain Switch complies with ATS 5200.477 and has been granted a WaterMark licence by SAI Global, Australia’s premier quality assurance organisation.

The Rain Switch sources rainwater from the tank for selected outlets, switching to town water only when tank water levels are low. Changeovers are seamless, causing no interruption to the household. Each change is indicated on the optional display panel, so you can always tell which source the water is coming from.

The Rain Switch also contains the in-built testable double check valve required by Sydney Water and a pump failure alarm, which alerts you of any faults in the system.

Every component of Sydney Water Tanks’ complete water system is made from the finest and strongest materials, so it continues to supply rainwater year after year with no hassles.