Features and Benefits of Rainwater Storage Tanks

Unique to Sydney Water Tanks

Sydney Water Tanks offer a great range of features and benefits with your safety and ease of use at the forefront of our design, manufacture and installation process.

Safe, strong and sealed access cover

Safety is of our upmost concern. All Sydney Water Tanks are safe, strong and come with a lockable, three stainless bolt cover with 600mm clear opening for easy access and ongoing maintenance. Tank covers have a watertight seal and are lightweight at just 9.5kgs, while being load tested to 1.5tonnes. Different height turrets vary the inlet depth to create the fall to the tank making them suitable for light traffic areas.

Rainwater Storage Systems

Save money with our variable turret height system – eliminates charged downpipes

We calculate the best location and depth for your water tank to ensure maximum fall to the tank. This means that every drop is harvested for maximum rainwater storage while eliminating sediment build up in the pipes.


Out of sight, out of mind

The rainwater storage tank is buried flush with the ground and can be positioned beneath driveways and gardens.

rainwater storage tank flush with ground

Overflow flap value ensures no contaminated backflow

Fitted to the tank overflow, the full flow flap valve stops vermin and backflow water entering the tank. It does not restrict the overflow.

Extra strength guaranteed

Our tanks are individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete, manufactured to meet the requirements of AS1546.1.

Rainwater Storage Systems

Clean water with our mosquito mesh leaf filter

1mm steel mesh mosquito proof leaf filter ensures only clean water enters the tank.

Cleaner tank after construction

The construction bypass stops debris entering the tank during construction. It is removed when the construction is complete, so the tank is in pristine condition and ready to use.

Save time and money with a tank that won’t float

For our 10000L tank, retention concrete is required to stop the tank floating.

Cleaner first roof catchment with the First Flush

An optional extra, this rainwater storage system will capture the first 170L off the roof catchment and will divert it before it enters the rainwater tank; keeping the tank cleaner.


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the service Firstyle Homes received in 2011 (and in previous years) the staff at BioSeptic/Sydney Water Tanks have gone out of their way to ensure our clients were looked after and sometimes a few of these clients were out of warranty – I cannot thank you enough as it makes my job much easier.”

Sue Harding, Firstyle Homes

“Just would like to thank you guys firstly for the patience as it has been a long time to get to this point and secondly for the great customer service.”

Erdal Eskin