Four Reasons to Start Collecting Rainwater with Underground Rain Water Tanks in Sydney

At Sydney Water Tanks, we specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing underground tanks in Sydney. However, you may be wondering why you would want to start collecting rainwater in the first place. What are the benefits to harvesting rainwater, and do they justify the investment of putting in an underground rain water tank on your Sydney property?

Here are four reasons that you might consider when deciding whether to undertake rainwater collection at your home.

Why Rainwater Harvesting Is a Smart Investment

  1. You will save money on water bills: The top reason that most homeowners decide to invest in a rainwater harvesting solution is the monetary savings it can deliver. Because you can use rainwater for many different everyday home applications, the potential savings from having an underground tank at your Sydney residence are virtually limitless. Homeowners frequently use rainwater for watering the lawn or garden, doing the laundry, toilet flushing and more. Even just using it for those three primary applications, though, sources say you can cut your water costs by 70%.
  2. You will be able to stay compliant with water regulations: Due to shortages, areas like Sydney are facing tighter water usage regulations than they have in the past. These usage regulations have caused some homeowners to cut out non-essential water uses—like watering the lawn and gardening. Having a rainwater tank on your property allows you to continue these practices without disobeying regulations.
  3. You will nourish your plants more appropriately: Did you know that the chlorine in standard tap water is bad for plants? Indeed, using the same water that you drink every day to water your plants and lawn is a less-than-ideal solution. Rainwater is much better for plants. As such, by harvesting and using rainwater for your landscaping and gardening, you can nourish your plants more appropriately.
  4. You will be doing your part to protect the environment: Are you someone who cares a lot about environmental sustainability? If so, using more efficient light bulbs and low-flush toilets can go a long way towards making your home ‘greener,’ but rainwater collection can take you farther, faster. Indeed, by using an underground rain water tank in Sydney, you will almost certainly have one of the most sustainable residential properties in the area.

Learn More About Underground Rain Water Tanks in Sydney

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