When it comes to tank vs town water we seem to believe that one is better than the other, however when living in suburbia or rural you don’t have much choice as to which you can use, it is pre-determined by your zoning. However, as a country where water can become scarce we have all seen the benefit of owning water tanks or rainwater tanks, regardless of where you live.

By installing rainwater tanks in your home (particularly a suburban home), you are giving yourself an additional source of water to use in your home all year round. By owning a Sydney Water Tank you can save roughly 50% of your domestic town water use by easily connecting and supplying your toilet cisterns and outdoor taps with rainwater. Not only are you now sustainable with your rainwater tanks, you are also saving on your town water bill.

If you decide to install rainwater tanks into your home, you can use the water for the following:

  • Toilet cisterns/flushing toilets
  • Outdoor taps
  • Washing your car
  • Watering lawns and garden
  • In some cases, in your laundry use
  • Topping up swimming pool or spa

If you install rainwater tanks into your suburban home, a great addition to your water tank is having a Rain Switch installed. The Rain Switch controls the water supply from the rainwater tanks and your town water system to your home. The great thing about using a Rain Switch is that it automatically selects rainwater to be used (if it’s available) in the nominated outlets. The Rain Switch also detects when the rainwater is low and switches back to the mains without need for manual input and then switches back to rainwater when it is available. A Rain Switch can be used with most rainwater tanks.

If you are interested in setting up a water tank, rainwater tank or installing a Rain Switch into your home, contact the team at Sydney Water Tanks on 1800 041 111 or visit https://www.sydneywatertanks.com.au for further information regarding Rain Switch.

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