In Sydney, a water tank is a vital installation, offering adequate storage to hold water for both domestic and commercial use. With a water tank, a constant supply of water is achieved despite shortages from other sources. A tank also allows efficient rainwater collection.

Nonetheless, tanks come in different shapes and sizes. They vary in design, material and installation and come in the forms of underground water tanks and above-ground water tanks. The underground water tank is a favourite and probably the most beneficial installation. Several properties make the tank the preferred choice among residents and business owners.

Large storage capacity

Underground water tanks are known for holding large amounts of water. The size of the tank is only limited to the design of the tank and the budget available. Buried tanks have a limited capacity since they are designed off-site but concrete underground tanks are built on site, and they stretch as deep as the excavation height. Some of the standard concrete tanks have a capacity of up to 11,500 litres. The large size of underground tanks allows users to make the most from rainwater collection and storage of council water. The tanks ensure steady water supply during shortages. Due to the size, structural support is added to the tanks during installation by using reinforced steel. Sydney Water Tanks guarantees the integrity of their underground tanks to remain intact for over three decades.

Below are just some of the advantages of a water tank.

Protection from damage

Above ground, tanks are exposed to the elements. Storms, bush fires and other natural disasters cause property damage, and above ground, water tanks are rarely spared. On the other hand, underground tanks are safely buried in the ground. Whether a storm hits, or a bush fire invades your property, an underground tank will remain safe and functional. The sturdy structure of an underground tank enables it to withstand forces that may result from tremors and other disturbances. The tanks meet all the standards of safety and construction required for underground structures. Moreover, underground tanks offer an invaluable source of water for emergency use. Fire departments can hook up to underground tanks to combat emergency fires, especially in remote areas.

Proper use of space

Tanks take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, above ground tanks occupy valuable space. The support structure, coupled with the tank, can destroy the outdoor look of your home and get in the way of your landscaping. Underground tanks are concealed. Only the hatch can be spotted above the ground. As a result, the landscaping around your house goes uninterrupted, and your outdoor aesthetics are preserved. Despite holding large capacities, underground tanks do not take up any usable space.

Property value

An underground water tank is a considerable investment that adds to the value of a property. A steady supply of water is an essential consideration for any tenant or buyer looking to acquire a property. If you have an underground tank, you have the upper hand on the property market.

The underground tank is an excellent choice for efficient water conservation and management.


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