Two of the most common water storage methods are (plastic) polyethylene tanks and underground concrete water tanks. So, if you go online and search ‘tanks in Australia’ you’ll get tons of hits. This can be puzzling and overwhelming because you don’t know how to tell which company offers the best quality and service.

Well, when you shop with Sydney Tanks, we offer a few options that other tank suppliers don’t. That’s why our customers trust us. To start with, we’re friendly and open in all our dealings. We don’t have any hidden costs, and we won’t make a single move unless you’re okay with it. In fact, our first step with any client is a free consult.

Free evaluation and quotation

We’ll send our team to your site, so they can discuss your water storage requirements and inspect your property or premises. Once we have a clear on-ground perspective, we’ll tell you what we think works best for you. We’ll give you a detailed breakdown including price and visual layout, and we’ll do it all without any charges. Submit the free site plan to your local council. We’ll wait for their go-ahead – and yours – before we do anything.

Your tank will have an overflow flap and mosquito mesh to prevent animals and dirty water from entering the tank. Our stainless steel pumps are part of the tank package, and we can install a rain switch too. Once programmed, the switch alternates rainwater and municipal water, triggering itself back and forth when the tank level is too low or adequately high.

Some parts of your home or office collect less rainwater than others, due to barriers or varying topography. That’s why the site visit is so important. As part of our evaluation, we will tell you the best location for your tank, and draft a downpipe plan with turrets in various heights. This system will help you collect the maximum amount of rainwater, and we won’t bill you for the site plan – just the installation if you choose to go forward.

Council-approved installations

If you want one, we can add a First Flush system. It keeps the water clean by ensuring the first water off the roof – the one that probably has accumulated dust and twigs – is led away from the tank. First Flush redirects those first 170 litres of initial rainfall. Our tanks are reinforced with steel and come with a 30-year guarantee. It covers replacement and repair within our terms, so you won’t be left hanging if anything goes wrong. In addition to tanks, we also provide stormwater detention tanks, pits, and grates.

Underground storage has to be strong enough to support the weight above it, but light enough not to crush the tank below. We design our in-ground water tanks with solid, reinforced lids that weigh at most 9.5kg and can handle a load of up to 1,500 tonnes. These lids are locked with stainless steel bolts for added safety, and their 600mm fastenings can easily be opened when you need to clean and maintain the tank.

For quality tanks that last for decades, call Sydney Tanks today on 1800 041 111.