Concrete tank sizes to suit your needs

We’ll help you select the right durable, in-ground water tanks for your site from our range of concrete water tanks. Our tanks range in capacity from 3,800 to 11,500 litres. Where greater capacities are required, we can interconnect tanks to suit your needs. It’s the beauty of what you don’t see that provides the water to freely flush your toilet, wash your car, hose your driveway and water your garden from harvested rainwater. Call us for trade on 1800 041 111.

3,800 litre Squat Tank – From $2,900

The shape of this rainwater tank suits rocky terrains, where only a shallow hole is required. This helps minimise excavation costs.
3,800/300 (Basix) Spec Sheet 3,800/300 (Tank Only) Spec Sheet

6,100 litre Medium Tank – From $3,100

The medium tank is suitable for a wide range of geographical profiles and provides a good balance between size and capacity. This is our most popular and economical tank.
6,100/300 (Basix) Spec Sheet 6,100/300 (Tank Only) Spec Sheet

10,000 litre Tall Tank – From $3,600

With greater capacities to harvest large volumes of rainwater, our tall rainwater tanks maximise rainwater harvesting for extended supply in long dry periods.

10,000/300 (Basix) Spec Sheet 10,000/300 (Tank Only) Spec Sheet

Interconnecting tanks for greater capacities

Looking for larger tank capacity? We can interconnect our tanks for when greater capacities are required.

2 x 10,000/300 Bottom Connect

Water Tanks Sydney & Canberra

As house blocks become smaller and regulations on water usage become tighter in Sydney and Canberra, Sydney Water Tanks offers a reliable way to store natural rainwater for your home that takes up no extra space in your yard. By installing a Sydney Water Tank you can maximise your garden space while reducing your water bills and minimising the drain on Sydney’s water supply.

Our tanks are individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete so there are no joints between the wall and floor. A watertight seal is ensured by one-pour casting and rigorous manufacturing processes that meet the requirements of AS1546.1. For extra strength, all inlets and outlets are cast in the tank, and the lid bonded and sealed in the factory. Our rainwater tanks and underground water tank satisfy Basix requirements for houses, house renovations and swimming pools in New South Wales, and we provide you with a 30 year structural integrity guarantee for your peace of mind.

All tanks are manufactured at our modern facilities in Sydney’s South-West and delivered anywhere in NSW and the ACT by our crane trucks.

Bushfire resistant water tanks

In areas in Sydney and Canberra where bushfires are a threat to homes, an underground concrete rainwater tank will not be damaged in the event of a fire. We can design a tank that combines both retention and detention so it can be used as an additional water source to help fight the fire and protect your home. Talk to us today to find more.


“Thank you for the tank you supplied and your service, it truly is first class and [we will] definitely use you again on future projects.”

Samer El Masri

“Sydney Water Tanks… lead the way in professionalism, service & quality. I recommend Sydney Water Tanks to all people enquiring about water tanks.”

Petar Bazdaric Director, Bazdaric Homes