Rain Switch – Intelligently Controlled Water Supply

Rain Switch – Efficiently managing water use around your home

rain switchSydney Water Tanks’ Rain Switch intelligently controls the water supply from the rainwater tank and town water system to your home. Rainwater from the tank is automatically selected as the primary option for nominated outlets, maximising the effective use of free and natural rainwater for your family needs.

Use water freely

Rainwater is harvested through the gutter and downpipe system and stored in the under-deck water tank. The Rain Switch automatically selects rainwater for supply to nominated outlets within the home, such as toilet cisterns and outdoor taps. Rainwater can be used freely to wash your car and water your garden. Free from chemicals, natural rainwater is better for your home and the environment.

Continuous supply

The intelligent Rain Switch automatically detects when tank levels become low and changes supply to town water. As soon as the tank refills to a useable level, the Rain Switch changes supply back to tank water without any manual input. The changes are seamless and indicated on the display panel.

rain switch

Display panel

The Rain Switch display panel indicates the water supply to the nominated outlets at any given time. This means you will always know when the unrestricted use of rainwater is available for gardening, hosing and car washing. The display panel can be mounted at any convenient position around the home for easy viewing.

Rain Switch cabinet

The Rain Switch is housed within a water-resistant steel cabinet. It can be installed at any convenient location. Plumbers and electricians will appreciate the easy mounting and connection points. All pipes and electrical connections are neatly hidden by an optional cover. The Rain Switch is factory pressure tested and requires no on-site assembly.
The remarkable Rain Switch:

•    Manages efficient water use around the home without you having to lift a finger.
•    Requires no assembly and is easy to install.
•    Can be used with most in-ground rainwater tanks.
•    WaterMark licensed for use in all areas covered by Sydney Water.

pdf Download the RainSwitch Wiring Information Flyer

pdf Download the RainSwitch User Manual