Make the Most of Your Space with Precast Concrete Water Storage Tanks in Sydney

The issue of drought affects everyone. When rain is scarce and local water supplies experience and extraordinary burden, it doesn’t take long before shortages can begin to occur. Water restrictions quickly lead to dead lawns and desiccated gardens, but the problems can be much larger than that. We should all aim to do our bit when it comes to protecting our water supply, reducing waste, and avoiding unnecessary water usage. One of the easiest ways to accomplish that is by installing precast concrete water storage tanks on your Sydney property. With the ability to capture and store immense volumes of rainwater for later use around the home, such as for flushing toilets, your water consumption can diminish drastically.

Not everyone has the space for large above ground water storage tanks, however. This can present a problem. At Sydney Water Tanks, though, we’ve created the solution. We can fit our engineered precast concrete tanks under your Sydney property. By placing the tanks underground, maintaining a large storage volume is easy, and there’s no need to worry about where to put them. There are many advantages to using these precast water tanks for your home. Consider just a few of the key benefits they possess.

Three core benefits to using precast concrete water storage tanks in Sydney

  1. Durability. Sydney Water Tanks’ precast concrete storage tanks are made of incredibly durable materials designed to stand up to the test of time and the eroding effects of water. Every tank is individually wet cast using 40Mpa concrete (meaning it has a very high strength rating) and reinforced with steel fibre for additional integrity. We designed these tanks to be rugged and ideal for underground use. We back up our quality with a guarantee.
  2. Versatility. No matter the level of need you have when it comes to water storage, Sydney Water Tanks has a size that is ideal for you. For those with limited space, the 3800-litre tank is perfect. It requires less excavation and is easier to install. Those with larger needs can choose anything from 6100 litres to more than 10 000 litres.
  3. Rain Device. We fit all precast concrete storage tanks with the innovative Rain devices, which allow you to seamlessly switch back and forth from stored water and the mains. This simple device requires no additional interaction from you. You’ll have quick and easy access to your rainwater storage. We have many brands to choose from.

We are ready to help you find the perfect product

Clearly, there are some excellent reasons to invest in precast concrete water storage tanks for your Sydney home. Whether you want to remove ugly above ground tanks or begin capturing rainwater for the first time, we can create the storage tanks best suited for your home. Sydney Water Tanks provides a 30-year structural warranty on all its concrete products, providing you with peace of mind over the long term. Knowing that your tank will remain clean and secure and free from leaks is a big advantage. For more information, request a quote today through our web form, or call us on 1800 041 111.