Nobis Products is a supplier of products specifically for pre cast concrete tank manufacturing.

The Nobis range of products has been developed in Australia by a team who are closely involved in the concrete septic tank and water tank manufacturing industry. When building concrete septic and water tanks, they found it difficult to source good quality products and components for their tanks that were reasonably priced and had a consistent quality, so they now source their own range of better products.

Nobis Products include:

  • Crimped steel fibre for concrete reinforcement
  • Lockable septic tank access covers
  • Lockable watertight access covers and turrets
  • PVC non return flap valves, 100mm & 150mm
  • Septic tank inlet and outlet squares
  • Concrete tank wall sleeves
  • Concrete hardware – lifters & ferrules

New Product: Septic Tank Outlet Filter

The Nobis Products septic tank outlet filter neatly fits into the Nobis Products outlet fitting and is held in place by the push on cap. The filter can be pulled out of the tank through the inspection opening.

A 20mm flow restrictor orifice slows the flow out of the tank to ensure optimum deposition of sludge in the tank. This protects absorption trenches and slows the flow into any downstream treatment process.

The filter has a large 0.211m2 area to resist clogging. As sludge builds up on the filter surface, the weight of the sludge causes it to slough off and fall into the tank.

The filter is made of 2mm thick 304 stainless steel and can be cleaned when necessary with a wire brush. There is a cleaning eye in the base covered by a rubber plug.

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