At Sydney Water Tanks we use The Martins Group’s range of concrete pits that have been expertly designed. All products we use are manufactured in our very own purpose built precast concrete factory located in Smeaton Grange.

The pits and grates that we manufacture are suitable for many situations from sewer and electrical through to inspection, junction and stormwater. With riser rings available for all pits in all sizes.

Concrete pits and grates are designed to drain excess rain and groundwater from surfaces where water gathers, especially along footpaths, car parks, parking lots etc. The size of these concrete pits and grates vary depending on where they are being used, from around the house, to around the city.

These drains are fed by water when it rains; sources can include – gutters and roads, even the guttering from your home can be connected to a storm drain or underground water tank. Many storm drainage systems are designed for moving untreated stormwater directly into rivers, lakes and oceans.


Features of Our Concrete Pits

Features of the Sydney Water Tank concrete pits and grates include –


  • Each pit has two swift lift type lifters.
  • To prevent shattering when knocking out holes, pits are wet cast using steel fibre reinforced 40mpa.
  • There are knockouts on all sides.
  • To ensure strength and durability Steel fibre reinforcing has been engineer designed.
  • Galvanised grates are hot dipped and tested to the requirements of AS3996.2006.


  • Steel bar safety cage.
  • Manufactured to the highest possible standards.
  • Smooth concrete finishes inside and out which means there are no sharp edges, protruding fibres or missing chunks.


At Sydney Water Tanks, you are spoilt for choice; we bring you the best products, we take pride in every concrete pit or crate we make.

  • Risers are available.
  • Delivery can be arranged to your site, by our crane trucks – if required.
  • To suit your engineer’s requirements, optional pre-cast inlets and outlets are available.

There are no set or dedicated Australian Standards when it comes to concrete pits and grates, and Bio Septic holds the production certificate to both the AS/NZS 1546.1 small septic tank and the AS/NXS 1546.3 Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems Standard.

The concrete pits we manufacture and use have been made under these same Quality Assurance procedures. All our pits have been individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete. At Sydney Water Tanks we are committed to providing all our customers and clients with the highest levels of quality throughout all our production processes. Our pits and grates are amongst the top pits and grates in use today; they are strong and able to absorb and withstand all the *abuse* pits are put through on building sites everywhere. We are best known for our in ground, and underground rainwater tanks so ask us about our range if you are in the market for a water tank in Sydney.

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