Water is a valuable resource that we use in our lives each day. As a home owner or renter, you can make active choices to ensure you are using water wisely. There are things you can do around your home to preserve this precious resource, like taking advantage of water efficient appliances and fixtures and being aware of the best ways to use water.

If you are water efficient in your home, it means that you are using less water to give you the same result. Water efficiency can be achieved by using improved technology in your home, for example, by using water efficient appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. These water efficient appliances get the job done; they just use less water doing it. Water efficient fixtures, like showerheads, taps and toilets also allow you to use less water around your home.

Installing water efficient appliances and fixtures is a great way to star saving water, but the way you live and use water at home also makes a big difference. The benefit of installing a water-efficient showerhead is greatly reduced if you are going to tale 15 minute showers rather than 30 minute showers. Also, using water from your rainwater tank to hose down your driveway is still a waste of water.

The Australian Government’s Living Greener website provides some handy hints on how you can use water efficiently in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and outside. Click on this link to read about some actions you can take in your home to be water wise and help be environmentally friendly. http://www.livinggreener.gov.au/water/water-efficiency-home/use-water-efficiently

Play your part in helping our environment and use these handy hints to make sure you use water wisely inside and outside of your home. Share this article with your family and friends so you can make sure they are doing their part too.


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