Building a brand-new home, updating an existing home, or, you’ve moved into a new home and want to add a rain water tank, wouldn’t it be great if you could have an in-ground water tank installed under your deck? Have the extra convenience of an in-ground water tank, but have it hidden away. If you hadn’t thought about it before, installing a rain water tank under your deck has become a hugely popular choice amongst home owners.

Under-deck water tanks generally sit between the standard stump widths of your deck and will remain hidden from site. Bladder style tanks come in a huge range of sizes to suit any available space under your home, or, under your deck.

These under deck style tanks work in the same way as your standard in-ground water tanks, but access to the top of the tank is restricted as the tank is a sealed unit without an inlet strainer. For this reason, it’s advisable to have a low maintenance leaf filter installed in an accessible part of your downpipe instead. This is to prevent anydebris from entering your tank, after all, clean water into your tank, means you get clean water out of your tank.

The overflow on an under-deck water tank, works in the same way as a standard tank, any surplus water is piped into your stormwater connection. If one tank isn’t enough, multiple under deck tanks can be linked together provided all overflow points are at the same level.

You should consider under deck water tanks if:

  • You want to hide your water tank
  • You want to use up an unutilised space
  • You either have good clear access, or they can be installed early during the building process
  • You want to match the colour of your under-deck tank to your home

Under deck water tanks are becoming the popular choice for those who want to store water in an out of sight location, these styles of tanks are like a slim line above ground water tank, only they have been turned on their side.

Reasons people are choosing this style of tank:

  • There may be more ways to connect downpipes to an under-deck water tank than to a traditional above ground water tank beside your home
  • You can link multiple tanks to increase capacity, and, they don’t even have to be side by side
  • The water tank is entirely enclosed under your deck, so you don’t have to be worried about mosquitoes or water quality
  • You get all the benefits of having a rain water tank in your yard, but it’s not taking up any extra space.
  • A Squat tank is perfect for rocky areas, with little excavation required

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