Rainwater Tank Maintenance

Sydney Water Tanks require very little rainwater tanks maintenance and should give many years of trouble free use. However to obtain the best benefit from your rainwater reuse system follow these simple tips:

Prevent debris entering the storm water system and draining into the tank
  • Keep gutters free of debris such as leaves and twigs and vermin. Always practise safe work methods if using a ladder to reach the gutters for cleaning.
  • Keep Leaf Screens, Gutter Guards & First Flush Devices Clean of Debris.
  • Proprietary leaf guards attached to the gutter will assist in keeping leaves out of the gutters.
  • Fitting a leaf guard rain head to each downpipe will stop roof debris entering the tank. On two storey houses these can be fitted about two metes from the ground to make them easier to clean.
  • Engaging a professional gutter cleaning company to clean gutters with a powerful vacuum cleaner is the easiest way.
Cleaning the Leaf basket

Undo the three stainless steel bolts securing the access cover into the tank and remove the cover. Reach inside the turret and remove the basket for cleaning. The below flyer has a diagram with instructions.

 Download our Maintenance flyer for more information.Rainwater Tanks Maintenance