Make Sure Your Concrete Water Tanks in Sydney Are Compliant with BASIX Requirements

In 2004, the NSW Government implemented the Building Sustainability Index, or BASIX, classifying it as ‘one of the strongest sustainable planning measures to be undertaken in Australia.’ Essentially, BASIX requires most new residential building projects to meet certain standards in regards to sustainability. More specifically, BASIX inspectors focus on energy and water efficiency. As such, if you are trying to make sure that a project meets BASIX requirements, reducing your home’s energy and water usage is the way to get there.

BASIX applies to all new homes in NSW. It also applies to any renovation, addition or alteration of an existing home that exceeds $50,000 in total cost. If you or your company are currently working on a project that falls into either of these categories, then you will need a BASIX certificate to go ahead with the project.

How Sydney Water Tanks Can Help You Meet BASIX Requirements

We design, build and manufacture underground concrete water tanks in Sydney and have done since 2006. Said another way, our business dates back to the early days of the BASIX requirement, when environmental sustainability started to become a top concern among home designers and real estate developers. We wanted to design a water saving solution that wouldn’t just help meet a compliance requirement, but would also deliver endless other benefits to homeowners throughout the Sydney area.

Our concrete water tank designs are the realisation of this goal. They sit underground instead of above ground, which means that homeowners won’t have to sacrifice land space to enjoy the water usage benefits. They can also collect 3800, 6100, 10000, or 11500 litres of rainwater, which you can use for anything from watering plants to washing clothes to flushing toilets. Over time, collecting and using rainwater for these purposes can save homeowners massive amounts of money in water bills.

For BASIX purposes, a concrete water tank from Sydney Water Tanks will limit a home’s reliance on city water. As such, the home’s water consumption rating will be lower than it would be without a concrete water tank, thereby helping the home to pass a BASIX inspection.

Invest in the Best Concrete Water Tanks in Sydney

At Sydney Water Tanks, we believe that, if homeowners and developers are going to invest in underground water tank to comply with BASIX, those tanks should last a long time. That’s why our tanks are individually wet cast from 40mpa steel fibre reinforced concrete and backed by a 30-year warranty. With systems as well-built as ours, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of water efficiency and overall house sustainability, long after the BASIX certificate is approved and the project finalised.