When it comes to water tanks, we understand that you have different water needs and that is why we make sure we provide a wide range of concrete tanks. Our tanks range from 3,800 to 11,500 litres and where capacities that are not covered in the range are needed, we interconnect two or more tanks. We are totally committed to making sure you have enough harvested water to do everything you need to do, including flushing your toilet, hosing your driveway, or even watering your garden. Here is the list of concrete tanks that we offer to help in water harvesting.


3,800 litre Squat tank

This is the smallest in our range of water tanks. It is built in a shape that suits rocky terrain, where excavation could be a somewhat difficult endeavour. The entire tank design means that only a shallow hole is required which brings down the costs of excavation. This type of tank is suitable for smaller households with less than five people, where the water is used for household use only.


6,100 litre medium tank

This is the medium sized concrete water tank in our range and is designed to suit a variety of geographical profiles. It is the perfect marriage between size and capacity making it a desired compromise for most households. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits that come with harvesting rainwater, while working with the space you have. Like the name suggests, this tank is excellent for medium sized households with normal water use.


10,000 litre tall tank

With our tall tanks, we have officially entered into our range of larger tanks. These are useful in water harvesting especially in areas where the rainfall during winter is substantial. This being our second largest tank, it is ideal for places where long periods of dryness necessitate collection of a lot of water during the spells of rain.


11,500 litre high tank

This is the largest tank in our range. This tank was designed with specific councils in mind since they require a larger capacity for water retention, for instance, the Palarang area. This is recommended for households that would benefit from using a large amount of harvested water for everyday use including for the toilet to water gardens and flower beds, to wash the car, and hose down the driveway.


Bushfire Resistant tanks

Australia is known the world over for its devastating wildfires. This is why we have in our range of tanks, a fire-resistant option. These are tanks that are suitable in areas where bushfires are a danger, such as Sydney and Canberra. We have come up with a tank that puts together both retention and detection so that it can be used as an additional source of water to fight fires and save your home from damage.