When building a new home, your local council will require you to have a rainwater tank and an onsite detention (OSD) tank, and often you will need both.

A client recently came to us with a specific need; they needed 8000L of capacity for rainwater reuse in their house and 7800L capacity for an OSD. Traditionally, the solution for them would be to install a rainwater tank and OSD separately in their home. However, we tailored a solution that paired two tanks; a 10000L and a 6100L, and customised the design of the tanks to suit their specified needs.

Our inhouse drafting department worked closely with our client and their engineer to create a specialised, multipurpose design that combined the rainwater tank and the OSD in a customised two tank solution. Specific design features were developed to manage tank overflow, prevent backflow into the tank and a balance pipe was included to stabalise the tank capacities.

Traditionally, OSDs are fabricated onsite, are labour intensive and expensive, designed to engineer specifications and take up space in your yard. Our customised solution was delivered to site, ready to be connected and it was installed underground, so yard space was not compromised. The client enjoyed a cost effective and multipurpose solution that met council requirements, and is out of site and out of mind.

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design for Rainwater Tank