Sydney Water Tanks is a leading supplier and manufacturer of concrete pits and underground concrete rainwater tanks. We are part of the Martin’s Group and are proudly Australian owned. Our directors have over 25 years’ experience when it comes to providing quality water storage systems and wastewater treatment this family run business knows what it’s doing.

Our underground tanks are built from an extremely long lasting and extra strong steel fibre reinforced concrete. All our underground tanks come with a 30-year structural guarantee. Our tanks will provide you with a quality supply of rainwater to your outdoor taps and toilets.

Installation of our rainwater tanks is individually engineered to suit your site, to ensure your home receives effortless and efficient storage, while collecting the maximum amount of rainwater for use in your home. Our tanks are installed underground – either beneath your path or driveway or in your backyard, this is to give you an uninterrupted view – no unsightly water tank – and more space in your yard. Thanks to our rain switch maximum efficiency is assured, this switch automatically switches to the use of any available harvested rain water. This is to ensure your home takes full advantage of all the free water supply.

We have a team that is here, ready to provide you with the tank that suits your needs, with a range of concrete underground tanks we can supply a rainwater tank that best suits your home, your needs and your budget. Our service delivery area includes New South Wales and Canberra.

If you are looking for a reliable source of rainwater for your home, with a tank that takes up no space in your yard make Sydney Water Tanks your first choice.

What are the features and benefits of having an underground rainwater tank installed?

  • Safety is one of our biggest concerns, our tanks come with a lockable, three stainless steel bolt cover with a 600mm clear opening to allow for easy access and ongoing maintenance.
  • Our tanks are strong, and very safe.
  • Tank covers are lightweight and have a water tight seal.
  • Different height turrets vary the inlet depth to create the fall of the tank which makes them suitable for any light traffic areas.
  • We find the best location and depth for your water tank, this is to ensure maximum fall to the tank. This means that every single drop of rain can be harvested – giving you maximum storage while eliminating sediment build up in the pipes.
  • Our tanks are flush to the ground and out of sight, this means they can be positioned under driveways or gardens.
  • Fitted to our tanks is an overflow, this full flow flap valve stops any vermin from entering the tank and stops the backflow water from entering. It does not restrict the overflow.
  • Coming with a high performance stainless steel pump, which has been designed to operate efficiently assuring you of long-term performance. It works quietly inside the tank providing you with a constant supply of rainwater to the rain switch.

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