Building a new home can be an exciting and complex process for families. In addition to the mainstream things you need to think through, you also need to consider the BASIX requirements of building your home to be more energy and water efficient. The aim of BASIX is to reduce greenhouse gas omissions and set water reduction targets, however the benefits to you include saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

Rainwater tanks provide a valuable source of water for many households and offer many benefits for homes that have a proper rainwater tank installed.

See how you can benefit from installing a rainwater tank:

  • It saves using (and paying for) mains water and also helps reduce the impact of stormwater run off
  • It is a readily available resource to water your garden, and because it is untreated it is better for your lawn and garden Water from your tank can also be used in your home, in your toilet cisterns, laundry etc, which could save you around 50,000 litres of town water a year
  • The water used from a rainwater tank is softer than mains water, so you need less detergent to wash your car

There are different criteria to help you decide what size tank best meets your family’s needs, so choosing the right supplier is crucial to ensure your rainwater supply is closely matched to your needs, is energy efficient (meets BASIX requirements) and reliable.

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