About Sydney Water Tanks

Sydney Water Tanks is a fully Australian owned and operated water tank manufacturer with a highly skilled and experienced team that will engineer a rainwater system to suit your home. The design and capacity of your Sydney Water Tank are selected according to your particular needs and the geographical terrain of your site, with the turret height and fall designed to maximise rainwater storage in your concrete tank.

At Sydney Water Tanks, we are committed to providing water solutions that offer you freedom to use water without draining Sydney’s precious resource which include inconspicuous underground and in-ground water tanks.

Our long history in water systems began with our parent company The Martins Group, which has been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality wastewater treatment systems for over 25 years.

Born from the experience and expertise of The Martins Group and our BioSeptic product, Sydney Water Tanks has quickly become a leading provider of premium underground rainwater tanks and in-ground tanks that have set new benchmarks in the industry.